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Having an air conditioner break during the hottest day of the year is not fun. At Pence Heating and Cooling, we provide air conditioning repair and maintenance services in the North Kansas City Northland area, to help avoid the hassle of a broken or malfunctioning system in your home. Our passionate technicians are available for AC repair services, and we offer annual tune–ups to get your air conditioner ready for summer. In addition to our ac repair services, Pence Heating and Cooling offers a variety of services and products to keep your family comfortable all year long during the most humid days or freezing winter nights. These include:

  • Zone control A/C systems
  • Ductless mini split repair
  • Heat pump repair
  • Thermostat malfunctions

While many people don’t realize that their air conditioning equipment needs service, there are a few warning signs that let you know your A/C system needs a repair. If your air conditioning unit is making strange noises, has shut down, or is not providing enough cool air, it may need professional repair. Whether your system needs a part replacement or a simple adjustment, our AC repair technicians are trained to pinpoint the source of the problem and provide you with a cost–effective solution.


In addition to regularly changing your air filters and keeping your system clean, you should also schedule a routine professional tune–up for your air conditioner. Most industry experts recommend that you have your air conditioning system checked once a year, or twice a year if you have a heating and cooling system in one. Your A/C system will need a tune–up in the spring to help catch any problems before they become an expensive breakdown in the middle of summer. These are all preventative measures to help avoid an inconvenient AC Repair.

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