Methods of Staying Cool before A/C

We’ve had a few warm days . . . okay, they were hot and humid!  I sure do love our air conditioner.  How about you?

Last month I mentioned a few of the ways folks tried to stay cool when summer days and nights were terribly hot.  This month I’ll elaborate on these methods a little bit.  

Some of you who are younger may not know what an oscillating fan is – it is a table-top fan that rotates from left to right and back again, hopefully giving an arc of cooler air.  You could “google” it to see what it looks like.

A box fan is just what it sounds like.  It has a larger square frame with a grid on both sides containing the blade of the fan.  It can be placed on the floor pointing at those wanting cooler air.  Some inventive people would place ice in a container in front of the fan.  This helped some, until the ice melted.

At night, the box fan was often placed in a window in a room furthest away from the bedrooms so that the fan would blow to the outside.  Beds were placed beside the windows in the bedrooms and the windows were opened about 6 to 8 inches.  When the fan was turned on, it would pull air from the bedrooms windows, across where folks were sleeping, and out at the opposite end of the house.  This usually provided cool air for comfort.  At least the air was moving. 

Attic fans worked on the same principle.  A large fan installed in the attic would pull air through the open windows.

Enjoy flipping that switch on your thermostat for your air conditioner.  It truly is a blessing!  

Be safe . . . Happy 4th of July!