Summer Is Coming

Though it is hard to believe with the cool days we’ve been experiencing, the hot, humid days of summer are coming!!!  We are going to be “cranking up” our air conditioning units to the max!  

Have you ever given thought to the days before air conditioning?  Man hasn’t always been able to flip a switch and cool off.  Though they had nothing like modern-day air conditioning, human beings used little tricks to cool themselves since ancient times, such as homes being built to take advantage of prevailing breezes. 

In more modern times, those living in the early to mid-20th century used all sorts of fans – electric oscillating table fans, window box fans, attic fans, etc.  In the city, daytime heat built up in the concrete streets and sidewalks and the brick homes built close together.  Folks actually took their mattresses to their porches or their yards to escape the heat built up in their homes.

Though not in widespread use, the first modern air conditioner arrived at the turn of the 20th century and thanks to innovations that came with the industrial revolution, today we can enjoy the cooling effects that dramatically improve our quality of life.

Air conditioning today keeps us cool; but that’s not all.  The air in our cars, homes, workplaces . . . virtually everywhere we go, is free of dust, pollen and other pollutants.  

Be sure to take care of your air conditioning system . . . it takes care of you!